Tuesday, October 25

PROJECT 365 DAY 296 October 25th

A little Aurora Borealis out the front against the Maple tree's....... First time i managed to capture it ... finally no clouds! The red aurora is not fully understood.  

Rare, all-red auroras occur much higher, at 300 to 500 kilometers altitude and are associated with a large influx of electrons. These electrons are moving too slowly to penetrate deeply into the atmosphere: they actually have less energy than the electrons that create more common auroras.
At this high altitude, the electrons lose their energy only to the most abundant constituent, oxygen atoms. The process produces light as pure as that from a laser; there's no mixture of colors to confound the eye. Instead, light is produced at exactly 6300 and 6364 angstrom units on the spectrum, and we see true red aurora.

PROJECT 365 DAY 295 October 24th

Lots of cloudy storm filled skies with sun kissed tree's at sunset this week.

PROJECT 365 DAY 294 October 23rd

The wind is spreading the seeds from the Milkweed around.....

Sunday, October 23

PROJECT 365 DAY 293 October 22nd

Drove over a metal floored bridge and to be fair I have not seen one like this before... I thought it was so cool!

Wednesday, October 12