Friday, May 20

PROJECT 365 DAY 140 May 20 th

The English Lilac today started to open flowers and the Straw Bale's in my kitchen garden sprouted a forest of Japanese Umbrella Inky caps (Coprinus Plicatilus) overnight... the entire top of the straw bales was covered!

Thursday, May 19

PROJECT 365 DAY 139 May 19 th

You mean i have to do MATHS! Studio cat Sky joins in with some home schooling activities... he's not the mathematical type though to be fair.

Wednesday, May 18

PROJECT 365 DAY 138 May 18 th

So today we picked up our new car... Chevrolet Cruz after a looooong wait for GM to get their act together... drives nice, economical,  comfortable and easy to drive. Pretty nice to be mobile again.

Tuesday, May 17

PROJECT 365 DAY 137 May 17 th

Went to Fillmore Glen today with no intention of taking waterfall photo's as i didn't have my tripod with me but the light was beguiling so i figured ... take a few shot's anyway... though not EXACTLY what i was after i was still pleased with the images overall and it was an excellent break.

PROJECT 365 DAY 136 May 16 th

Between showers..... its been raining so much it is hard to get outside with the camera safely... but i had a few minutes and went down the back and saw this.

PROJECT 365 DAY 135 May 15 th

I climbed one of the ancient Apple's and had a little visitor check me out.

Monday, May 16

PROJECT 365 DAY 134 May 14 th

On an old bike at a garage sale in Sempronius.... we had gone to dispose of bulk rubbish for the county collection day and dropped into the sale on our last trip... this was an interesting little part of what was on offer.Android Iphone photo.

Monday, May 2

PROJECT 365 DAY 122 May 2nd

And the mist came in tonight...........

PROJECT 365 DAY 121 May 1st.

Spring Tulips are in flower and add a certain gorgeousness to the day.

PROJECT 365 DAY 120 April 30th

Went to Ithaca on Saturday to visit the New Root's Charter School for their open day for new students. It was very enlightening and a great experience.

PROJECT 365 DAY 119 April 29th

This time of the year the Massey Ferguson comes into play..... yay!