Wednesday, March 30

PROJECT 365 DAY 89 March 30

Walking around..... a reminder of the last Ice age... the property is strewn with large boulders..... covered in vines before they sprout their leaves....... makes for a really interesting abstract.

PROJECT 365 DAY 88 March 29

Two today because both boy's had  a haircut..... and looks smashing.

Sunday, March 27

PROJECT 365 DAY 85 March 26

Crystal gazing...... on the road to Ithaca...... playing with my new android phone/camera.

Saturday, March 26

PROJECT 365 DAY 84 March 25

Icicle in the sunset..... with the freeze thaw cycle lately the icicles are growing again.... this one was particularly colourful just as the sun set.

Thursday, March 24

PROJECT 365 DAY 83 March 24

Seven duck egg quiche..... dinner tonight.

PROJECT 365 DAY 82 March 23

Seedlings have sprung! wooo hooo.

PROJECT 365 DAY 81 March 22

Trial batch of Maple Syrup.... still need to perfect the straining... and thickening but the TASTE part I have right.... still working on it over the course of the next few day's. 

Monday, March 21

PROJECT 365 DAY 80 March 21

Today we started boiling down maple sap to make home made Maple Syrup..... lots of carting and wood smoke and containers.... lots of rain and mist and snow in the morning were not the IDEAL conditions to build a fire in... but things are bubbling along.....

Sunday, March 20

PROJECT 365 DAY 79 March 20

Served with rice..... Bok Choi, capsicum, corn, carrot from the garden, celery, sunflower kernels, leek, pineapple chunks, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.

PROJECT 365 DAY 78 March 19

Moon at Perigee March 19th 2011 Fingerlakes upstate NY

Tuesday, March 15

PROJECT 365 DAY 74 March 15

Pruning one of the Apple tree's today........... while it is still cold.  Half snow half exposed ground and lots of MUD..

Friday, March 11

PROJECT 365 DAY 69 March 10

The beginning of the BIG MELT............ *away from the house and barn*.........

Monday, March 7

PROJECT 365 DAY 66 March 7

Snowed heavily overnight.... this chair was cleaned off before sunset night before when i stood on it to fill up the bird feeder since we had new snow coverage and some spring birds have already returned.

PROJECT 365 DAY 65 March 6

My favourite chocolate cake from a Mirian Miller Amish recipe left me with a cake overflowing the edges and dripping onto the oven and burning and smoking. The cake is great..... had to put a tray underneath to catch the drips as it swelled out of the cake pan. Next time.... two cake tins.... i was duped by the volume!

Saturday, March 5

PROJECT 365 DAY 64 March 5

Patrick's latest landscape painting..... w.i.p ... oil on canvas 12 x 12 inch box canvas

Friday, March 4

PROJECT 365 DAY 63 March 4

My fabulously talented and sweet boy is 14 today...... he is growing up so quickly! Happy Birthday Drew! Btw he is also the baby at the top of my blog....... and is now MUCH taller than his mother......

PROJECT 365 DAY 62 March 3

Sky's latest trick is to steal my paint lids.......... he really looks...... well as silly as he really is. LOL!

Tuesday, March 1