Monday, January 2

Redreaming Extinction Series: The Photographs. Project 365 2017

A 'New Year' a new canvas of living and experiencing our lives and the world. One of the things I am returning to is Project 365 - and image a day for a year.  Recording a bit of the day for a year to keep me on my toes and producing and finding time for myself, my passion and my art and myself to redream. 

The most revealing thing about my learning in the last year was catching myself putting my personal desires last in a long litany of busyness. Now i am conscious of that it is easier to choose more thoughtfully what i am doing with my time. One of the things i truly enjoy is sharing my images and the things in the day that catch my heart and mind and eyes with my camera. 

Here is the first. What caught my eye were the shadows . Without light there can be no shadow and without the direct sunlight  this image would not exist. It has been very gray and monotone light wise for many weeks and so the joy i felt in seeing the shadow of the tree branches on the snow was a joyful arresting moment for me, It caused a pause in the day to just BE.