Thursday, June 18

Herbs and Horeshoes

One of the things useful about our herb garden is it's proximity to the kitchen and being so close means you tend to be more aware of any plant needs or changes in allows a 'heads up' for the whole garden in fact.
This year we have cut and grow lettuce, sage, coriander, chives, mint, asparagus, garlic, some onions, Silverbeet, broccoli, Thai basil, sweet basil, Cumin, nasturtium, wild mustard, and dill and probably more i have forgotten all growing in what used to be a rubble pile.
More will be added as time goes on. I use a lot of herbs in my cooking and dehydrate them for winter time.

I found this while digging in the vegetable garden.....a very heav old clumsy seeming horse shoe..... mut be a lucky day.