Monday, August 29

PROJECT 365 DAY 238 August 28th

Nice to see the creek running after Hurricane Irene.... we got a lot of rain.... but no damage.

Saturday, August 20

PROJECT 365 DAY 230 August 20th

Meadow Flowers

Each Saturday i reset the still life in the middle of the table..... this week it is full of meadow flowers....

PROJECT 365 DAY 229 August 19th

This is the flower on the crook neck gourds i am growing this year..... it is so delicate.

Thursday, August 18

PROJECT 365 DAY 228 August 18th

Home made Peach pie tonight~

PROJECT 365 DAY 227 August 17th

When i went for a walk out in the forest out the back I came across this fellow at about KNEE high in the grasses.... obviously i walked around him and then took his photo.... i was surprised at how large he was. See the weird alien head silhouette on his back. Would love to know the species name. I did notice the distinctive zig zag mark on it's web.... might be a clue.

Tuesday, August 16

PROJECT 365 DAY 226 August 16th

The Apples are all about ready and it is not long now before we are hip deep in them.... drying, canning and making apple sauce.... I love the smells.... but the work involved ooo la la!

Monday, August 15

PROJECT 365 DAY 225 August 15th

Rain coming in over the hills and the corn here today ,,,, lots of rain! Lots of time to do other things.... garden will love the moisture and it smelled so different outside today. Quiet distinctively different.

PROJECT 365 DAY 224 August 14th

The volunteer cherry tomatoes are looking great.... colour is starting to change.

PROJECT 365 DAY 223 August 13th

Went to Roxanne's place tonight for a party to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ The lights looked excellent~

Saturday, August 13

PROJECT 365 DAY 222 August 12th

On our street at the moment the buckwheat is in really is very pretty.

Tuesday, August 9

Wednesday, August 3

PROJECT 365 DAY 213 August 3rd

SO this morning just get the day off to a SURREAL beginning...... Dusk decided to FLY INTO JYES WINDOW........! and just for an explanation.... it is on the second story and she has NEVER done anything like that before.....and all our other ducks stay on the ground. Definitely a character.

I should have realized something was going on with her when the day before she perched in a tree... about 18 feet off the ground...... talk about a Pythonesque moment.....  made me think of the skit about that most dangerous of animal..... a clever sheep.

PROJECT 365 DAY 212 August 2nd

PROJECT 365 DAY 211 August 1st