Thursday, April 28

PROJECT 365 DAY 117 April 27th

PROJECT 365 DAY 116 April 26th

We have to make a frame and stand for it yet...... i suspect that will be our next science home school project... but we wanted to try it out a little......... (well a LOT really)....

Monday, April 25

PROJECT 365 DAY 114 April 24th

Cheating a bit here....... i took this image a while ago but just refound and edited it for my online gallery and liked its sunshine connotations so much since it has been so overcast and gray here that i decided it was fine to include it for MYSELF.

PROJECT 365 DAY 113 April 23rd

My workbench in the cellar...... :)

Sunday, April 17

PROJECT 365 DAY 106 April 16th

When a photo turns out somewhat different to what you expect it too...... lol.... we were just about to go for a hike down the back of the property and Storm was having a dust bath on the driveway and Jye was saying hello....... somehow i missed the machete... but it makes for an interesting photo.

PROJECT 365 DAY 105 April 15th

Jye climbed up dads tree stand to get a better photograph.....

PROJECT 365 DAY 104 April 14th

Skunk cabbage....... emerges from the ground......

Friday, April 15

PROJECT 365 DAY 103 April 13th

The new raised bed Straw bale garden going in on top of the existing kitchen garden back bed.

PROJECT 365 DAY 102 April 12th

Our new golden Comet chicks..... 12 of them to add to the egg layers....

Tuesday, April 12

PROJECT 365 DAY 101 April 11th

Jye with his new Silver Sea Bright Chicken....... he has wanted one of these for a long time......

Monday, April 11

PROJECT 365 DAY 100 April 10th

Jye with the new Silver Sea Brights..... one each for the boys a hen and a rooster.... guess they will try to breed them too...

Sunday, April 10

PROJECT 365 DAY 99 April 9th

Maple syrup processing is coming to a close... doing the last of the sap and the Syrup produced so far is adding up... so far 9 jars and two bottles. For a first effort I am pretty pleased and learned heaps doing it... definitely a sustainable way to produce tasty calories from the Maple tree's and a great experience overall. I cannot recommend enough that other's try it if they have the tree's.

Saturday, April 9

Thursday, April 7

PROJECT 365 DAY 96 April 6th

Standing on the back veranda the sun rise just touching the tree's with light and for a few brief moments the view comes alive with a very special look that you have to be up early to catch.

Monday, April 4

PROJECT 365 DAY 93 April 3rd

Went to the Marathon Maple Syrup Festival today and wandered around taking in the spirit of the Maple Syrup celebration.

Saturday, April 2

PROJECT 365 DAY 92 April 2nd

Spring cleaning the basement.... the bench are is now all organized after winter projects and sorted out and i can find things again. Always a good thing.