Tuesday, June 28

PROJECT 365 DAY 179 June 28th

Yet another thunderstorm in June........ its been fairly constant almost every day ...... lots of moisture and lots of plant growth......

PROJECT 365 DAY 178 June 27th

Sometimes you see the most surprising things in the garden........ this time it was a Turkey

PROJECT 365 DAY 177 June 26th

Mint Magic surrounding an old grinding stone........

Friday, June 24

PROJECT 365 DAY 174 June 23rd

My oldest lad..... growing up fast!

PROJECT 365 DAY 173 June 22nd

Had LOTS of thunderstorms here lately.... and today was a real crackler of a storm... and managed to get some photos....

PROJECT 365 DAY 172 June 21th

Home grown harvested and dried Lemon Balm tea.....

PROJECT 365 DAY 171 June 20th

Chipmunk in the grass after being captured INSIDE the house thanks to one of the cat's.... luckily we were there to rescue it.... but it ran away and was just fine!

PROJECT 365 DAY 170 June 19th

Finally got an opportunity to cover the gray blocks of the barn with paint.... makes a huge difference but using oil based paint is really annoying.

PROJECT 365 DAY 169 June 18th

Artex was hunting in the barn..... and i thought this looked like a great opportunity for a photo..... taken from the back veranda looking towards the barn,

PROJECT 365 DAY 168 June 17th

Dusk is sitting on eggs!

PROJECT 365 DAY 167 June 16th

May Full Moon.,

Wednesday, June 8

PROJECT 365 DAY 158 June 7th

Summer washing hanging on the line........

PROJECT 365 DAY 157 June 6th

Shannon (Patrick's cat) has deemed the new arrangement in the studio a success and even found PATRICK'S shelf specifically on the bookcase.... do you think that she was sending a message? LOL Redreaming 'Know your Rights'.....

PROJECT 365 DAY 156 June 5th

A trip to the nursery and I found this that i fell in love with...... i took a photo but didn't buy it as it was specifically a food plant buying trip. I might have to go back.